Discussion Groups

We have billions of Usenet messages, Reddit posts, and IRC logs archived. We will make these available as time goes on. To get updated on this you can join the Club Archivesort newsletter or the archivesort-discuss email discussion list.

Usenet Archives (Temporarily Offline)

The usenet archives are temporarily offline as we totally rebuild our software stack. Stay tuned for updates!

Chatroom Archives (Coming Soon)

Archivesort has started logging libera.chat channels. While we no longer log freenode, we will put up our logs of those as well. This should be a nice additon as logbot.info is shutting down and there will be no dedicated logger for libera. If you would like to add your libera channel please let me know. Of course we are also looking at other chat services.

Reddit Archives

This is still in development, but feel free to check out the Reddit Search alternative we made that uses our (alpha) api along with Pushshift. As our beta API contains posts Pushshift does not, it may be useful to you. Unfortunately, this part of the site requires Javascript. When the api is out of alpha stage there will be public documentation of the API along with a non javascript version.