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This is the Archivesort video archive. Here, you can find archived videos, or archive your own. Soon, you will also be able to upload videos directly without needing a 3rd party site. Currently videos from Youtube and Bitchute are supported. If you have any questions about the video archive service ask on the archivesort-discuss discussion list.

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Video retention can be very expensive, and until we find a way around this, the following will apply:

We try to keep the video you archive forever (unlike Streamable which deletes the video), but videos with a low "retention factor" may be transcoded into a lower quality or made audio only. The retention factor is not entirely based on views (meaning that even videos with no or few views may stay up in its original form forever, depending on the "retention factor" and importance of the video), so don't hesitate to archive your favorite videos. Again, this is a temporary restriction - it will be lifted as soon as we have the means to do so.

There is no limit on video length, rather, there is a limit on video size. You could technically have a 10 hour video of a black screen be smaller than a 1 hour video with actual content. Usually, the limit we set rounds off at about 1 hour, but your video may reach the limit with a length shorter or higher than that. Please note that the algorithm is likely to store shorter videos in higher quality, and longer videos in lower quality.

We maintain a whitelist of channels whose videos will never be transcoded. If you would like to add your channel to this list, please email

By archiving a video and/or using the site you agree to the Archivesort terms of service and copyright policy.